Frequently Asked Questions

My payment falls in the school holidays, can we extend the deadline?

  • If your accounting department is open over the holidays, we can keep to the deadline of 12 weeks. If you are closed, then we will need to receive payment before your accounts department goes on holiday.

What are your cancellation fees?

  • More than 56 days: loss of deposit/full refund of balance
  • 29 to 56 days: loss of deposit/50% refund of balance
  • 15 to 28 days: loss of deposit/25% refund of balance
  • 0 to 14 days: no refund

What happens if my group numbers decrease?

  • We will not be able to refund a deposit, but if you have payed the balance please refer to our cancellation fee policy. Once the deposits are payed the price is fixed and will not change even if less people participate.

What happens if my group numbers increase?

  • If you add travelers, each one will need to pay a deposit. If the airline has been booked and you need to add seats, it will be your responsibility to pay the difference (if there is one) in the price per seat as the airline may have increased the fare between taking the deposit and your traveler increase.

Can I bring extra adults, in excess of my free place ration?

  • Yes, but they will need to pay the same price as the students.

Can we use our coach whenever we like?

  • Your itinerary is set before you travel to your destination. If a free day is agreed upon in advance, then it is there at your disposal. We do not recommend deviating from your set itinerary as this may cause confusion and additional costs could be incurred

I’ve found some cheap flights on the internet; can you buy those?

  • No – as we make group bookings, we need to go through a group booking site per airline. We are happy to look at the flights you are keen to go on and speak to the airline directly to attempt to secure a similar price, but there is no guarantee. As well, if it is a discount airline you have found, often they must take full payment upon booking the seats so your students would need to provide a larger deposit to cover the cost.

We’re departing in the next few weeks, is my rooming confirmed?

  • Once your deposit is paid your rooms are confirmed. If you need a breakdown of your rooms to assign your students, please let us know and we will send it through.

Our staff breakdown includes one male/female. Will we be charged extra for single rooms?

  • Yes. There will be a single supplement charge which you can divide and pass on to your students or amongst yourselves.

What free place ratio do you offer?

  • We offer 1 free of charge place per 11 students

Who is eligible for concessions and what do you offer?

  • We don’t offer concessions

What happens if another company offers me a cheaper price?

  • If the other operator has offered you a lower price on a like for like itinerary we would appreciate being given the opportunity to price match.

I am planning my tour more than a year in advance, will my price change?

  • The earliest we can get a clear idea of airline prices is 11 months out from your desired travel date (with the discount airlines its between 4 and 6 months). If you have asked for a quote which is 18 months away from departure, we will only be able to provide you with an estimate which means there is a strong possibility the price will chance.

Will my school travel with other schools?

  • No – the trip is your own

What kind of meals are provided on tour?

  • We try to cater to all needs while on tour and at the same time provide an authentic culinary experience on our tours. If anyone participating has allergies, please let us know well in advance of your departure date so we can make the appropriate preparations.
  • Meals included will depend on whether your tour is full board (B, L, D) or half board (B, D)

Will students share rooms? How may per room?

  • Unless otherwise indicated, we organize for students to share rooms, from twin to quad, depending on the accommodation available at the price desired. The rooms will be single sex, we will never mix boys with girls.

What kind of hotels will we stay in?

  • All our accommodation is audited on a yearly basis and is anywhere from 2-star hostel to a 3- or 4-star hotel. Often it depends on the destination you are travelling to and what is available in the time of year you are travelling. We make sure all our hotels are clean, and safe as well as budget friendly.

Can you accommodate handicapped participants?

  • Please contact the office on 0118 973 7011 so we can discuss your needs

What type of transportation will we use?

  • Depending on the size of your tour we offer anywhere from a minivan to a large coach. We do our best to have everyone in one vehicle, so the group stays together.

What airlines do you use?

  • We have relationships with many different airlines so we can find you the best price. If you are keen to travel with a specific airline, please let us know and we will negotiate the best price we can for your group.

What will our tour guide be like?

  • All guides we use are local to the destination you ae travelling to. They are carefully vetted and fully trained and are English speaking for ease of communication. If you have any special requirements, please let us know in plenty of time before you travel so we can make any necessary arrangements.

How much spending money should students bring?

  • We normally recommend between £10-20 per day. If your tour is half board, they may want to bring a bit more for additional food purchases.

If a student drops out, can we replace them with a FOC teacher?

  • In theory, yes. We will still invoice you for the whole amount, including the price of the student that has dropped out. We will leave it to you to charge the students in whatever way you see fit in order to cover the cost of the additional FOC teacher.

If a student has paid their deposit and must drop out, could we use that deposit to bring on another student, or would we have to pay the deposit again?

  • Unfortunately, the student that has dropped out will not get their deposit back and we will need the new student to pay a deposit to secure their position as there will be admin changes that need to happen as a result of that change.

If I need to change a name after our tickets have been issued, will I be charged for the change?

  • Yes. The airline will charge us an admin fee to change the name and we will pass that charge on to you.

Will anyone from Nomadic School Tours UK be traveling with us?

  • No. You will have a guide with you that is local to the country you are in.

How do I make a complaint?

  • If you need to make a complaint while on tour, please do so to your guide as soon as possible so any issues can be dealt with straight away. If the complaint is about the guide or something the guide is unable to help with, please contact the UK office so that we may deal with the situation in a timely manner

How big a suitcase should I bring?

  • As you are often moving from hotel to hotel, we recommend a soft suitcase that does not exceed 20kg. A soft backpack without a hard frame is best