About Nomadic School Tours

Nomadic School Tours is an independent tour operator offering curriculum based school trips around the globe for more than 21 years. We are the sister company of Nomadic Tours, which was also set up more than 20 years ago and supplies it’s Morocco tours to many large UK tour operators, Charities and our own private clients. We aim to capture the magic and mystery of the countries we visit and introduce a new perspective on the world for our students.

On tour with Nomadic


We take every step we can to minimise our impact on the countries we visit. As a UK based school trips operator we feel this is particularly important because we are introducing other cultures to the world travellers of tomorrow and we would like to think that we can help shape a responsible and respectful view of travelling in the minds of the young people that accompany us. We always try to leave everything as we find it and prohibit rubbish being thrown out of tour vehicles. We respect and draw attention to the differences in culture and lifestyle, communicating why they exist so that the students can develop their own views of people, their differences and the need for tolerance and understanding.

Peace of mind

Safety is paramount on our tours. We regularly audit the accommodation that we use and are constantly updating risk assessments of the activities and places visited on tour. Upon receipt of deposit we will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the itinerary that we have agreed upon and deliver it within 14 days.
Health & Safety Policy
Nomadic Schools works to a health and safety policy that ensures that we are fully informed of the risks presented and have contingencies in place.
Financial safety and bonding
We hold comprehensive public liability insurance and all monies paid are protected under our ATOL membership and we are also members of ABTA giving you further peace of mind.
All third party vehicles that we use are fully covered under our public liability insurance and our vehicles have unlimited passenger liability.
Visits and activities
On our tours you will be accompanied by an expert local guide per vehicle. All places visited and activities are risk assessed and we take all reasonable steps to manage identified risks. Also, all third party suppliers that we use are trusted to operate at the high standards we expect.
Travel insurance
We provide Free Travel Insurance (UK residents only if no school policy is in place) which is mandatory for joining any school trip.

Responsible Travel


Travel should create unique experiences of different cultures and environments, whilst remaining sustainable and responsible. We are fully aware of the impact that travel and tourism can have on local communities, the natural environment and the welfare of animals.

Here at Nomadic, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to respect local customs, support local communities, respect the natural environment and protect animals. We strive to provide tours that, not only offer our guests unique experiences and different cultures, but also positively contribute to the destination. This is achieved through our support of local people and their communities & aiding provincial projects wherever we can. To learn more about our community support, please visit our Associations page.


Working with our destination partners, we ensure the animals involved in our tours are provided the best possible care. We have signed up to ABTA’s animal welfare commitment and, following the advice of animal welfare experts, ANIMONDIAL and the NGO SPANA, we prioritise animal welfare protection and encourage our guests to respect animals. Alongside these guidelines is a new voluntary commitment for ABTA Members. ABTA encourages its Members to implement the guidelines by working with their suppliers to meet basic welfare requirements. We do not offer, nor do we ignore, unacceptable practices.

SPANA is a charity that strives to protect the working animals around the world. We encourage our customers to use SPANA’s Holiday Hooves guide which you can find on their website: